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Sons of Stewartry

Stewartry Rugby Club like most regional clubs has a constant struggle to attract the numbers of young players required to make up the various age group teams, which has a direct impact on players moving through to play at senior level.

School rugby is constrained by a lack of coaching expertise in the schools and also by the cost of transport to other schools for competition. The future of school rugby is therefore likely to be tournaments attended by all the schools in the region.

Stewartry Rugby Club has excellent facilities at Greenlaw, with five pitches, a clubhouse with good changing facilities, it is also situated centrally in the region and is ideally located and equipped to host school tournaments.

Furthermore the principle of schools playing sports at tournament venues is just as appropriate for sports other than rugby. Greenlaw with its central location and good facilities is likely to become increasingly attractive as we set about encouraging other sports participation by the young people of the region.

Stewartry have employed a Rugby Development Manager for 4 years now. This arisen due to the offer of financial support from the SRU, who match fund up to £10,000 p.a. for a three year period to employ a full time qualified person.

The SRU offer galvanised the Stewartry Rugby Club into action to find an extra 15k p.a. which we felt was necessary to attract the calibre of candidate required and to cover travelling expense.


Stewartry appionted John Muir as Rugby Development Manager in April 2008.

Therefore, the SRFC are looking for the continual support of current and former players, as well as others with an interest in rugby, or indeed an interest in the promotion of sporting activity for the young people of the region.

We are well aware of the problems arising from lack of exercise in terms of health and also the effects of inactivity on the behaviour of our young people, this initiative can assist in both areas.

The local authority will be supporting this project as the first steps towards achieving higher levels of fitness in our young people.

Encouraging youngsters into sporting activity will also keep them out of trouble, and as part of a team in a disciplined environment will undoubtedly improve their social skills.

*Individual sponsors - "SONS OF STEWARTRY"

To support SRFC Annually for 3 years by becoming "A Son of Stewartry"  
you will receive a hospitality package appropriate to your level of support as follows:

Name in Programme as a member of Sons of Stewartry alongside CDM -Report (Monthly Newsletter/Update)


  • Party of 5 at a Stewartry 1st Team Home Match or matches
  • 1 Drinks, Soup & Sandwiches
  • Match tickets/programme


  • Party of 10 at a Stewartry 1st Team Home Match or Matches
  • 1 Drinks, Soup & Sandwiches, match tickets/programme
  • Associate Membership of Stewartry Rugby Club

(over £300)

  • Party of 15 at a Stewartry 1st Team Home Match or matches
  • 1 Drinks, Soup & Sandwiches, match tickets/programme
  • Full Membership of Stewartry Rugby Club

We are confident with John Muir in place, we will continue grow the playing base throughout the region, which will provide a steady stream of well coached players coming through, and we look forward to enjoying Stewartry Rugby for future generations.

Key responsibilities of Club Development Manager will include:

•    Increase the numbers of children playing sport within region.
•    Support school curricular P.E. programmes.
•    Development of Youth Rugby in Region
•    Support Coaches of SRFC youth teams
•    Grow and Develop the Volunteer Coaching Base.
•    Develop Multi-Sport use of Greenlaw.

Download Application Form Here!

Thank you in anticipation of your valued support.

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