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Development Officer

Coach Education

IRB RugbyReady Certificate ( 30mins )

Dates: Online Course
Cost: FREE
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RugbyReady Practical Course (Mini P7-S1) (3 hrs)

RugbyReady Practical Course(Adult and Youth S1-1st XV) (3 hrs)

UKCC Level 1 Course (3 Day Course)

UKCC Level 2 Course (4 Day Course)

SRU Level 1 Refereeing Course

Strength and Conditioning Courses

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Print off the Stewartry Logo from here and colour it in.
You never know John might give out a prize for the best one!!!!! 

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Development Staff

Development Officer

John Muir is Stewartry Rugby Club Development Officer. Originally from Irvine in Ayrshire John was keen to move down to Castle Douglas and work with Stewartry RFC.
Having grown up in Ayrshire, an area with strong football links, John played football with Crosshouse and Cunningham District. At 12 he turned to Rugby. John started playing for an Irvine/Kilmarnock side. During his first year in Irvine Royal Academy John was keen to get a school team started. So he gathered 18 of his classmates and approached the principle PE teacher and asked if he would start a team. With no rugby experience the teacher couldn't coach the team but encouraged the boys to keep an interest. John then approached a coach at Irvine, Tam Henning, to coach the school team and he agreed.

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100 Club Winners

SRC 100 Club Form

You are invited to join our 100 club – a great chance to win and help the Club finances at the same time.
Please contact John Low or a committee member for details 
ONLY £12 for the year!!!.


MAY 2016 100 Club


£25  no  101   S PARKER

£20  no  125   A BRYSON

£15  no  126   M ARMSTRONG

£10  no   12    E YATES

£ 5   no   40    M BALL



JUNE 2016 100 Club


£25  no    47 D ARMSTRONG

£20  no    50 R CALLANDER

£15  no    99 Mrs J CLARK

£10  no     3  C LANGLANDS

£ 5   no  104  J LAURIE


JULY 2016 100 Club


£25 No  77 ALAN RIDDELL  

£15 No  21 JAMES PICKEN     

£10 No 117 JENNY DUFFY   

£ 5 No   42 JAMES ROBERTSON   




Upcoming Events

Sharks 25th Anniversary

Stewartry Sharks are 25 years old!!

Sunday 11th September

Family Fun Day and Mini Tournament

Come join the celebrations

Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.50.24










Summer TAG LEague


1st July 2016

Designs Cafe vs TiS

Kbt Netball vs Griersons Butchers

Stewartry Vets vs Gordons

Lochnivar vs Laggan Outdoors Centre

Griersons Butchers vs Designs Cafe

Gordons vs TiS

Laggan Outdoors centre vs KBT Netball

Lochinvar vs Stewartry Vets




Season Start Dates

Mens 1st XV

Preseason Training;- 12th July

League Fixtures start:- 27th August



League Fixtures start:- Weekend of 10th September

Coaches will be in touch on Facebook with players regarding Preseason dates

Rugby Report-W/E 21st MAY
STEWARTRY 94ptsv Isle of Arran 5pts