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Youth Academy

Mission Statement

"To offer a centre for personal development to young rugby players to allow them the opportunity to play the highest level of rugby they are capable of."

Objectives of the Youth Academy

- Identify and develop players of potential to perform to their highest standard
- Improve the standard of our most talented young players
- Identify and develop volunteer Coaches and Managers within the Club.
- Encourage integration and retention of players between youth age groups and senior rugby.

To achieve these Objectives the Youth Academy aims to;
- Identify and improve players at a young age
- Ensure that players are identified and put on the correct programmes
- To work with club and school coaches to ensure that identified players are receiving the correct support
- Identify and monitor talented former Stewartry players play at other clubs


The Academy is led by the Academy Manager, John Muir. John is responsible for;
- Producing the overall action plan.
- Co-ordinating and directing specialist coaches for specialist positions or techniques.
- Running the main Academy coaching session each month.
- Overseeing a team of Academy mentors.
- Monitoring the development of each Academy player at; club, school and representative level.


There is one academy training session each month at Stewartry Rugby Club plus potentially some additional sessions for individuals depending on the needs of the group. Sessions may be handled on different days by different coaches, whose responsibility is purely for planning a given session as directed by the Academy Manager.

All Academy training sessions and events will be communicated to all players by the Academy Manager.

The Academy will offer players the following:

- Specific Strength and Conditioning Programme for Rugby
- Micro Skill Development
- Positional Skill Development
- Specialist Coaching Sessions
- Individual player assessment and feedback
- Player Monitoring Programme

Playing / Teams

The Academy will operate independently from any one age group but will work in consultation with that players’ current coaches. The team to whom the Academy players decide to play for would depend on the individual circumstances, including:
- Club/School/Representative commitments
- Playing ability
- Age banding

We expect that Academy members will show a commitment to rugby and play for their School, Club and Pathway team where available. Players will be encouraged to make their own decisions and targets with the support of the Academy Manager.


Who qualifies for the Academy?

Any registered player within the age bracket will qualify for the Academy. The youngest age group players eligible for the Academy will be in the U16 age group. The eldest eligible players will be assessed individually, considering; current and previous playing

background, and playing position.

Membership of the Academy will not be a condition of playing membership (see below).

Interaction with Club/School/Representative Rugby

The Academy will offer players flexibility in their rugby education. In all cases, the Academy Manager will liaise and share all Academy plans with all other coaches who have players within the Academy. This is to ensure that the Academy does not conflict with club/school/representative rugby commitments and that the interests of the player are put first. The aim of the Academy is to enhance the level of local rugby, not hinder it.

The Academy provides additional coaching; and some players will already receive a lot of coaching (either from their school or from the club) in these cases it will still be entirely appropriate for them to continue to play for their age group and participate in the Academy.

Youth Section