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How do I join?

This depends on your team!
For Seniors, you should contact our Head Coaches and introduce yourself, check with them about sessions for the week and join in one of the sessions.
For youth, we ask you to book yourself into the sessions using our SPOND app. You can download it for free from your phone’s app store. Create a profile then follow the group links here.

What do I need for training?

Although our pitches are generally in good condition they are natural surfaces (grass pitches). So weather and elements do affect our pitches. So we recommend studded boots (Football or Rugby depending on your position), long socks, rugby shorts, a thermal base layer, a rugby top and a jacket. Our sessions will have an element of contact to them so the possibility of ripping/tearing clothing is possible so robust clothing is advisable.

What if I fall in love with the sport? How do I become a full-playing member of the club?

You can follow our full registration pathway which includes registering with Scottish Rugby for insurance and paying your membership fees to the club.

What if I don’t want to play? Can I still be a member?

Absolutely! We aren’t just about playing rugby. You can either join our gym as a member or you can take out one of our supporters memberships. Details of all our memberships can be found here

The Gym

How do I join the gym?

You can become a gym member by registering on our membership site as a “gym member”. Once you have submitted your details you’ll get an email from the system telling you the next steps to collect a gym fob. Once you have that organised you can check out our timetable to find when we have open gym times. Some of the times are reserved for classes with our S+C partners Unicorn Strength and our player’s gyms sessions. Find a slot that suits you and book here.

How do I join a class?

Classes are run by Unicorn Strength, you will need a free trial pass or an additional membership with them to participate in the classes.
We are currently offering a special class for new mums called “Greenlaw Guardians” as a trial. You only need a stewartry rugby gym membership to participate in those time slots but they are not instructed classes yet. For more information check our Greenlaw Guardians on Facebook

How do I cancel a membership?

Firstly we are sorry to be losing you ☹️. If you want to cancel your membership you’ll need to let us know. Our system doesn’t like you just cancelling your preauthorisation. It only thinks you want to accept each payment individually rather than thinking you are leaving. You need to fill out the form below to cancel.
Please note that this isn’t monitored daily so you will need to give us a month’s notice you intend to cancel. Please don’t leave it till the last minute as we can’t do any refunds.

Cancelling a membership

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