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Summer Touch Rugby

Club Tournament, Fundraising, Rugby Camps, Social | 30th May 2022

Summer Touch is back!!

Running between June and July, Summer Touch is designed to provide a simplified version of rugby with the aim of attracting players of all abilities, ages and levels of experience who are looking to improve their fitness through simple and social activity.

What are the rules?

AIM: Touch the ball down over opponent’s goal line. To do this, keep possession by avoiding being touched.


Touched 6 times

Ball leaves the pitch

Ball passed forward, dropped forward, or kicked forward

Foul play by team in possession


Offload within 2 steps or 2 seconds – No offside from the offload

Place ball on ground – Offside line created

Must be passed away by touched player or a teammate

Who will we play with?

Everyone! This year we will be running a competitive and a social touch pitches so everyone can get what they want out of the Summer.

The Competitive pitch will be for those fitter players who have experience playing a fasted paced game
(Suitable for U14s +)

The Social pitch will be for those looking to open the lungs but still be able to hold a conversation. This will also be an opportunity for those players to challenge their parents, uncles, cousins with no rugby experience. (All Ages)


We will charge £5 per night or a season pass for £20.
A BBQ will be provided with cans of Juice, Water and Beers for sale. Feel free to bring your own too.

Download Spond to sign up – group code BZDKN


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