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Club News, Senior Men (1st XV) | 7th Mar 2020

On the road again this week for the boys against Lenzie. Lenzie haven’t won a game since December but in the tightest league in Scotland that means nothing as our boys only held on to a narrow win against them back in December at home when it finished 11-5.

But with the squad at full strength and an aggressive desire to keep the top spot in west 1 we will we looking for the away win.

Meet at 11am, Market Hill

1. Mick McCulloch

2. Danny Boyd

3. Iain McMorran

4. David Maxwell

5. Jason Forsyth

6. Steven Hogg

7. Steven McCulloch

8. Douglas Boyd

9. John Picken

10. Craig Mosey

11. Fraser Forsyth

12. Robert Austin

13. TJ McCarney

14. Scott Milligan

15. Andy Wilson

16. Ben Spence

17. Rory Porteous

18. Andrew Picken

19. Lochy Spence

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