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  • Sandy Currie – #clearyourhead

    Wellbeing Pages | 12th Sep 2020

    They say life is for living and how true that is, however The reality is that the majority of our life isn’t insta worthy and the monotony of the daily grind can be hard going. How do I clear my head? I work hard to maintain a healthy work/life balance and do more of the […]

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  • Sam Tait — #clearyourhead

    Wellbeing Pages | 11th Sep 2020

    How I clear my head ? I have quite a few ways of doing it most without realizing I’m actually doing it . For me I usually think of things that I enjoy I find this best for clearing my head of any problems I might have . During school I tend to lose concentration […]

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  • Claire Manson – #clearyourhead

    Wellbeing Pages | 10th Sep 2020

    Mental health is usually only spoken about in a bad way or when someone is having a rough time. This has to change! No one should be embarrassed or hide how they are feeling. We need to talk about how we are feeling and put an end to the stigma around Mental health. It’s ok […]

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  • Steven Hogg – #clearyourhead

    Wellbeing Pages | 7th Sep 2020

    As a member and player of Stewartry Rugby Club, I have been asked to write and share some thoughts and tips on how I #clearmyhead and how I cope with my mental health on a ‘down day’ or a ‘bad day’. For those that are unaware it is suicide prevention week and as a club […]

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  • Meet Our Mental Health First Aiders

    Wellbeing Pages | 25th Aug 2020

    The role of a Mental Health First Aider at Stewartry Rugby Club is to be a point of contact for an player/coach/member who is experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress. This interaction could range from having an initial conversation through to supporting the person to get appropriate help. As well as in a […]

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