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Claire Manson – #clearyourhead

Wellbeing Pages | 10th Sep 2020

Mental health is usually only spoken about in a bad way or when someone is having a rough time. This has to change! No one should be embarrassed or hide how they are feeling. We need to talk about how we are feeling and put an end to the stigma around Mental health. It’s ok to not be ok. Mental health doesnt always have to be followed by something negative and the time is now to speak up.

How do I clear my head?

When I am having a bad day or need to clear my head and have some alone time I like to go to the gym. I find putting my headphones on and getting a good session helps me to think about what’s important and go through all the thoughts in my head. I put my music on loud so I cant hear anything else and completely zone out. For an hour or so all I am thinking about is what’s going on in my own head.

During Covid -19 lockdown I turned to running while the gyms were shut. I found running so helpful in being able to just completely make sense of my thoughts. I am very fortunate to live in the countryside where I can run with no distractions.

Through Rugby I have been lucky enough to be involved with an amazing group of women. The girls are amazing at realising when your needing picked up but also when you just need some time. Turning up to training even when I’m not feeling it really helps me being surrounded by my team mates improves my mood.

It is so important that everyone knows that you are never alone. Friends and family for me are so important and I know that no matter how I was feeling or what I was going through there would be someone that I could speak to or confide in.

My advice would be don’t bottle up your feeling or think you are bothering someone if you speak to them about how you are feeling because that’s what friends and family are there for.

Claire Manson- Stewartry Sirens

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