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John Muir – #Clearyourhead

Club News | 9th Sep 2020

How do I clear my head?

It is such a good question…..With so many answers.

For me everyday day is different but it always starts the same way- My Bullet Journal.
I have a pretty active mind – always racing and running with ideas, thoughts, daydreams, problems, issues and things needing done. So the first thing I do in the morning is write it all down.
Getting it out on paper helps me start the day fresh.
Then its time for my first cup of tea of the day – with everything out of my head and on the piece of paper I can just sit back and enjoy that 3-4 mins.

Then I get back on task…… organise the list.
What’s worthwhile dealing with, spending time on and what can I just throw away. Majority of the stuff is junk- I don’t need to worry about it or think about it. Seeing it all written down means I can decide if it’s good or rubbish.
The rest of the day is then taken care of. I know what I need to get done and what can wait.

Everyday on the list I give myself time to practice a thing called “Mindfulness“.
You might think mindfulness is sitting down with your legs crossed humming to yourself but you’ll probably do it without realising.
I’ve actually already mentioned one – My cup of tea.

Everyday my mindfulness practice changes depending on what I’m doing that day-
-Walking the dogs,
-Pottering in the greenhouse,
-Listening to my favourite podcasts in the car
-Taking 5 mins to catch up with my family or a friend with a phone call
– Doing a 5 min meditation
-or enjoying that cup of tea multiple times

I would love to recommend a couple of books and a few videos if you have the time to watch that I wish I knew about earlier:-
1. The Chimp Paradox– Dr Steven Peters
2.  Bullet Journal – Ryder Carroll

Just to finish I’d like to let everyone know that my mobile number is posted in loads of places as well as my email address. If you fancy a chat I’m happy to listen and help where I can.

John Muir
Stewartry Rugby Director of Rugby and Club Development Officer.

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