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Sammy Durnan – #clearyourhead

Club News | 8th Sep 2020

More than often when we talk about mental health it is in relation to having a bad day or going through a rough time.
The reality is though, that the same way we have physical health, we also have mental health.
It therefore is important to normalise the conversation around our mental health by making it easy to talk to each other about as any physical injury or ailment.

You might not even realise it but there is a good chance that someone sat right next to you are going through their own mental health struggles.

I have a couple of things I like to do at times when I’m feeling not quite myself.

My number one go to would be the gym. As soon as I’ve put my headphones in and completed a good weights session I feel in a better place. They say there’s more to gym than just a place to workout and I believe it.
With Covid closing the gyms i have opted for walking. There will be some days I will prefer to get out by myself and listen to music and others I will meet a friend and put the worlds to rights. Again leaving me in a much better place.

I’m also lucky enough to play a team sport. Not just the physical side of rugby but if you are having a ‘down day’ making yourself go to training and being surrounded by your teammates really does help when you need it most.

If I could leave you with one peace of advice it would be – talk. It is absolutely ok not to be ok and You will be surprised about how many people you are surrounded by that are more than happy to listen 💚

Sammy Durnan
Stewartry Siren


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