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Sam Tait — #clearyourhead

Wellbeing Pages | 11th Sep 2020

How I clear my head ?

I have quite a few ways of doing it most without realizing I’m actually doing it .
For me I usually think of things that I enjoy I find this best for clearing my head of any problems I might have .

During school I tend to lose concentration wondering if my exams will go well and what I will do if they dont . When I find myself in this position I try hard to take my mind of it till I get home . Once I’m home some nights I work with sheep or cows or on other nights I put my rugby boots on and go into the garden with my ball and kick it about these are the things I do to clear my head if I’m stressed or thinking about things to much .

If you feel the need to talk to someone about anything that’s troubling but don’t want to approach an adult please feel free to message me

Sam Tait -Stewartry RFC U16s

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