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THE RESULTS | Greatest SRFC Player of All Time?

Club News | 22nd Jul 2019

1 Paul Swalwell
=2 Brian Yates
=2 Davie Borland
=2 Hamish Dunlop
5 Donald Dunlop
=6 John Muir
=6 Andy Campbell
=6 George Wallace
=9 Sammy Durnan
=9 Hannah Sloan
=11 Jamie Farquhar
=11 Ian Campbell
=11 Chalmers Taylor
=11 Alex Smith
=11 Jimmy McGill
=11 David Kerr

Players with a single nomination:
Tommy Cannon, Jock Baird, Sandy Craig, Cammy Taylor, Neil Milligan, Ian Lamont, Lizzie Ballentine, Muir Smith, John Picken, Ross Williams, Robert Sinclair, Andrew Wilson, John Kerr, Rodger Callander, Chloe Johnstone, Petrina Currie, Matthew Taylor, Lisa Ritchie, Clare Dooley, Dawn Currie, Fergus McDowell, Richie Finlay, Russell Jawevski.

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